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The Williamsburg Action Team  is a 501 C3 non-profit community organization dedicated to building our community and celebrating cultural diversity through the arts. The Williamsburg Action Team is 100% operated by volunteers and works to identify and address social issues such as economic development, literacy and cultural diversity through community action .
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Our constituency is the entire population of Whitley and neighbouring counties in Kentucky and Campbell County in Tennessee.   There is a less than 1% African American and less than 1% Hispanic population.  



The Williamsburg Action Team aims to inspire discussion in the community on, creating visions for the future through arts based programming and advocacy. Once renovations are complete on the Lane Theater, the Action Team intends to offer socially conscious
local and regional films and theatre productions. 
The Williamsburg Action Team is governed by a volunteer board of directors.
2023 board of directors
Mr. John Stewart
Mr. Orville McNew
Ms. Shelly Bramer


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